• Casual observation: is the swap partition encrypted in a LUKS install?

    On my 128GB samsung ssd, I’m seeing a normal 119GB LUKS partition and then a 8.4GB swap partion that appears to be “open.” Could this possibly lead to information disclosure if there was data allocated to swap? I didn’t chose the LVM install (perhaps foolishly)…just the encrypted install.

    :smiley: Also a bonus question if I may: is there a mechanism in arch that cleans up old kernels stored in /boot ? This was problem in ubuntu/mint and you needed to manually purge old kernels after the small boot partition got clogged up with old kernels. I remember playing around with Lubuntu and “apt autoremove” did get rid of these old kernel images but they were never marked as autoremovable in Mint for some reason.

  • I see that Ubuntu Zesty (17.04) is getting rid of their swap partition entirely and moving over to a pagefile format like windows, which I think is nice. Does Arch have any plans to follow this method?

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