• Need help to uninstall a manually installed app(VIM).

    Hi there!

    I installed Vim two days ago, downloaded a file given in their official webpage, and used make then installed. The thing is, since I come from windows, you know, you can uninstall and clean the trash files remaining, because you know were to look at and how to do it! But in Arch, I think manually installed apps and “auto” installed apps via pacman works different, whatever its the case, Im so confuse on how to uninstall manually apps.

    What I have tried so far: locate the files? There are many folders that have VIM/gVIM that Im so confuse but still this doesnt tell me how to uninstall, I KNOW, but after watching some folders having VIM, Im concerned if everything will be removed at the end.

    I just want to reinstall it, using pacman -S vim, aka the classic “I think my installation was a mess, want it to do it again in a clean way”.

    Thanks for your time.


  • Better to look at Antergos Software Repo first?
    If get a source file you will have README inside, saying:
    2. make install installation in /usr/local
    But depending on how you install it… also uninstall (make uninstall)

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  • @joekamprad Thanks, yeah I will take a note on that, thanks, finally uninstalled.


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