• Antergos keeps restarting at boot after fresh install


    I wanted to install Antergos KDE on another laptop that previously has win10, so did fresh install, erased win10. The installation goes fine, but after restart, the pc keep restarting as if its stuck in endless loop at boot screen. The restart happens instantly and does not give me a chance to select kernel or advanced settings option.

    So I tried fresh install again, and this time after installation instead of restart I did shut down, disconnected the USB and powered on pc but again same restart problem.

    Secure boot is disabled

    I used the latest install media, and checked the signature keys which are all fine. So I have no idea how to install Antergos, this is the first time Ive had a problem like this, Im running Antergos on 3 more laptops, no problem there.

    Any help on this would be very helpful

  • sounds strange… may there was a hidden recovery partition from Win10?
    You can start with the LiveUsb and take a look to logs or better post them on pastebin and put the links here.


    Second or first you can take a look into Bios and bootup priority.

  • @joekamprad thanks for responding. Ive attached the systemd logs. And I checked the boot priority which seems fine. On a side note i also tried installing, manjaro, arch the arch way and arch anywhere, but all failed. arch anywhere gave error device not found, manjaro and arch could not write to disk and failed at the partition stage.

    The installation only completes entirely with Antergos, but then I cant get into grub. I hope by seeing the logs you can know what’s going on… thanks for your help.


  • edit: just to be sure about Antergos installer, I tried installation with an older Antergos iso too, installation went fine, but same problem.

  • edit: Okay i know what the problem is now. There is nothing wrong with installation, because I just got system to boot into tty (antergos base install) but the system does not boot automatically into Antergos, because the [email protected]#$ing win10 installer is taking the top spot in the boot manager, and I cant shift it down or delete it. Below the win10 installer is the Antergos installer and when I explicitly select it the system boots into Antergos, but then on reboot, i get the same problem again, because win10 is on top. In bios config, I have selected option, OS boot manager, but in the OS boot manager, there is no option to shift win10 down…



    Is there any way that I can delete the win10 option or shift it below Antergos?

  • update: Solved! it had to do with the Bios. The Bios settings on this machine were hard to make sense of. But im glad to have Antergos running now :-) I will say that so far Im running Antergos on 4 machines, and no problem at all. Have not had such smooth experience with any other distro, and Ive been with Antergos for almost a year now, longest time without hopping :-) Many thanks to the devs!!

  • Uefi again… yes this need some enhancement caus more and more Systems are shipped with it…

    Glad to see you solved the bootup!

  • What exactly did you change on BIOS? It’d be nice if you describe, so if someone face the same problem can fix it easier…
    I’m glad you fixed your problem 👍

  • Someone with UEFI should write a wiki entry, ArchWiki have some but it is way scientific…

  • In the system configuration screen, inside the UEFI boot order, the OS boot manager has a sub menu within it. This I did not know. I accidentally hit enter on it, and it opened a menu with win10 and antergos option, here I could use f5/f6 keys to shift antergos above windows, and then f10 to save settings and then restart.


    I hope the image is visible, it was not getting uploaded to imgur.

    This is the first time I got a laptop with win10 preinstalled, looks like they are making it harder to boot into linux.

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