• Check your terminal security!! Hidden coded within paste/copy commands

    Hi! i saw a video on youtube showing this:

    It’s a way that someone can hide a malicious code inside a “visually” innocent command. It’s worth to try testing your terminals…


  • That’s creapy, when danger is behind every webpage. 📃
    Good that i copy text that comes from the web always first to plain text.
    Or does that also not help?

  • @bartatantergos yes it helps since you can see all the text. “Terminix terminal” has enabled an alert with all copy/pasting envolving sudo command, which is pretty useful.
    Also you can use zsh which display all the text pasted and doesn’t run the command automatically like bash…

  • @fernandomaroto That’s what i was thinking, i go always thru plain text as i copy from internet or mail.
    Never found, but is there a way to make all copied text automatic plain text in clipboard? So when you paste it’s always plain text.

    Will check terminix out.

  • @bartatantergos i don’t know since i never tried to configure it, but you can install zsh, when you open a terminal type zsh (configure it the first time you use) then it work with plain text.
    I configured all my terminal to open in zsh automatically at start.

  • @fernandomaroto Thanks, will check zsh out.

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