• Running Gnome with Wayland

    Hello, I’m running Antergos on a Macbook pro with Gnome (latest version, fresh install). When I choose the Wayland session (labelled gnome) in Lightdm (after having installed Xwayland), it doesn’t work, I get a black screen with a blinking cursor.
    I’ve tried to use gdm, it freezes when I try to launch the Wayland session.

    How could I use Gnome with Wayland ?

  • @usaginomimiu Don’t know if you are still struggling with this. But I had the same issue on a MBP (mid 2010) and the first thing to do is to use gdm instead of lightdm but then I also had to remove xf86-intel-video. After that Wayland worked.

  • hi, on my machine (AMD APU A10 7850k - graphics driver: xf86-video-ati) i had first to install and activate gdm.
    after that i follow the instructions from the arch wiki - chapter: Enable early KMS:
    after adding the radeon module to MODULES, wayland worked for me.
    maybe it helps

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