• Qtwebkit takes ages to build in vain

    anyone has problem with update of qtwebkit? It takes ages to build through AUR, so I killed it. I tried 3 times, still the same.
    What is the problem with it? I should go with an alternative for this package?

  • @fabio Same here.
    I tried twice now to install (build) qtwebkit 2.3.4-5 from the AUR. it hangs during the build and does not progress.
    Is there an alternative for this package?

  • This was moved from the repos to the AUR. The new maintainer bumped the version to 2.3.4-5 for no apparent reason when they adopted it. You could stay on the 2.3.4-4 version and ignore the package in pacman.conf for now. Alternatively, leave it compiling overnight.

    See the comments here:

  • Question is also for what/which other package do you both need the package?

  • @Swipe Thanks, I read the AUR notes on it. If it does indeed compile correctly. leaving it overnight is easy to do. Alternatively, I have to wonder if version 2.3.4-5 brings anything over 2.3.4-4?

    Thanks for your help!

  • @joekamprad As I understand this helps render webpages so I suppose its good to have for browsers.

  • now problem with google-breakpad-git, always from AUR.

  • @fabio said in Qtwebkit takes ages to build in vain:

    now problem with google-breakpad-git, always from AUR.

    To get help you need to be more detailed… ;) to say “i have a problem” solo >> what could i answear?

    @Orlet: so o you want to install a package only because it maybe help rendering webpages? at least qtwebkit do nothing by itself, there have to be another package which is depending on qtwebkit … it is Required by 84 packages as you can see here: https://aur.archlinux.org/packages/qtwebkit/

  • @joekamprad Thanks for the added info. I ‘solved’ the problem by further reading the AUR comments and letting the package compile longer. It took roughly 2 hours but finally finished.

  • @joekamprad thank you, you’re right, lack of informations from me.
    I just waited for a while then the process of installation started, like the qtwebkit package.

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