• Cannot change language even after uncommenting

    I want to switch my system’s language but in Settings/Regions and Language there are no other options apart from the current one.
    I uncommented the language I need from locale-gen but it didn’t help.
    Please help me change the language.
    Thank you!

    PS Antergos is so well thought in other regards so such a petulant bug was a shock for me

  • @osomfinch said in Cannot change language even after uncommenting:

    I uncommented the language I need from locale-gen but it didn’t help.

    It’s not enough just to uncomment a locale(s) in /etc/locale.gen. Locales must also be re-generated to have an effect:

    sudo locale-gen

    The above command may be executed at any time. It is harmless.

    Once locales have been re-generated, could you share the full output of the command:

    locale -a
  • @just
    Thank you a lot! That worked! Putting SOLVED mark.

    The output of the command locale -a is:

  • Very good.

    Just a note. Changing a topic’s Subject by adding [Solved] to it is not a good practice, as it breaks the thread in various email clients and feed readers. It is done this way:



  • @just Thank you. Will do that in the future.

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