• How to fix ACPI Errors during bootup?

    Hello, all, during a recent upgrade (can’t be sure which one as I dualboot between Antergos and Windows on separate hard drives), the boot sequence of Antergos started showing several ACPI errors rather than the successful boot services. I’m not sure what would have caused this, and Google seems to suggest updating the BIOS, which I don’t think is the answer. Here is a screenshot:
    alt text

    The thing is, once it gets past that screen, everything seems to work fine as far as I can tell. Any insight as to fixing these errors would be great, I’d be happy to include system logs if that would be helpful.


  • Hey johndoe86x,

    Sometimes a BIOS update on your system can resolve these errors as you stated. ACPI is a component of your BIOS.
    However, the errors are mostly harmless from what I have seen.

    Recent changes in the kernel have touched parts of the ACPI subsystem so this might have affected your system.

  • @NanoSector , thank you for your response. I doubt my mobo has an upgrade anyways, as it’s a Z77 platform. I suppose just to let sleeping dogs lie as long as performance isn’t impacted. Thank you.

  • I have the same. Many lines end up with psparse-543. I have also updated everything that has been offered. Still the errors have followed at least 2 last kernel updates and at least one firmware update.


  • Seeing the same kind of thing here in Antergos and in Arch. I think it’s the same as what they’re talking about in this thread: https://bbs.archlinux.org/viewtopic.php?id=222409

  • It looks like this issue was “resolved” by changing the level of the error messages that were displayed.

    alt text

    Thanks to @MALsPa for the link to the Arch forums with that solution. I will try this and report back, later.

    Edit: On second thought, I’d like one of the Antergos devs to confirm what I’m about to do before I make any changes. Would this do the trick?

    $ sudo nano /etc/default/grub
    #Change from
    #GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet resume=UUID=ca497e1f-c9af-44d4-9f9d-b3a8f1d1b293"
    #Change to
    GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet loglevel=3 resume=UUID=ca497e1f-c9af-44d4-9f9d-b3a8f1d1b293"
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