Hi, im new here Today, i tried to install antergOS on my XPS13 9360 (has a NVME) and after some difficulties i got it but when i restarted i realize that it was something wrong in the BIOS. I had it in LEGACY + UEFI mode, the installation have separated in two my SSD, one part was on UEFI (which was the actually who works out) and another was on the other mode My pc by default opens up Legacy mode but there is the wrong part which actually is imaginary because it doesnt exist, so i have to F12 and boot UEFI mode every time I take my pc, if i turn off legacy mode i can boot uefi mode because it says that no device was recogonized
What can i do?0_1487544441779_426329904_273730_939513953658628105.jpg