• Antergos booting on 2gig LattePanda

    I’m struggling to get antergos to boot on my LattePanda SOC board. It has an Intel Z8300 cpu and a 32-bit UEFI on the 2Gig ram model. I’ve successfully gotten the archiso to boot by following the archwiki’s guide to boot in such a situation. I am trying to recreate this method on the Antergos iso but am not having any luck. Can any of you help? Here’s the content of my modified grub.cfg

    $ cat grub.cfg
    insmod part_gpt
    insmod part_msdos
    insmod fat

    insmod efi_gop
    insmod efi_uga
    insmod video_bochs
    insmod video_cirrus

    insmod font

    if loadfont “${prefix}/fonts/unicode.pf2” ; then
    insmod gfxterm
    set gfxmode=“1920x1080x32;auto”
    terminal_input console
    terminal_output gfxterm

    menuentry “Antergos” {
    set gfxpayload=keep
    search --no-floppy --set=root --label ANTERGOS
    linux /arch/boot/vmlinuz archisobasedir=arch archisolabel=ANTERGOS add_efi_memmap
    initrd /arch/boot/archiso.img

  • @chaise.farrar I have the 4G 64bit version, and will try later to install Antergos in dual boot with the already installed Windows 10. Quiet amazing little computer i have to say. ;-)

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