• Edit PKGBUILT when updating?

    Hello everyone.

    My problem is simple.
    When trying to update with yaourt -Syua asks me if I want to edit the PKGBUILD of some AUR packages like ffmpeg, gstreamer or spotify.
    If I say no, it does not seem to update those packages. What should be done? If you have to edit them, how is it done?
    Thank you

    A PKGBUILD is a shell script containing the build information required by Arch Linux packages.

    It ask you for y/n if you press n it goes forward and ask you again to go forward with building… answear y and it starts to build… editing is done with nano default by Antergos installation

  • Thanks for the reply
    What I understand is that I have to tell you that yes, I must edit the pkgbuild. I know how to edit it with nano but I do not know what I have to edit inside the pgkbuild file.

  • @salvaestudio It is asking you if you would like to edit the pkgbuild. Just answer yes and push ctl+x to exit the edit. You don’t need to edit anything.

  • https://youtu.be/PL5XcamLPok

    There is no need to say “YES” may your keyboard is misconfigurated?

  • OK perfect. Checked. It works.
    What I did not know was that nothing needed to be edited. When asking me to say if to edit the pkgbuild I thought I had to modify something with nano.
    Now just leaving (Ctrl-X) is perfect
    Thank you!

  • Another possibility would be that the build started but immediately failed. There have been some issues with the gstreamer packages as of late, I am not sure if they have been fixed yet.

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