• Error message keeps coming up when trying to run some programs

    I’ve had this error message come up with three programs for me now: the game Dying Light, OpenMW and Blender. Here is the full error:

        blender: error while loading shared libraries: libts-1.2.so.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

    I’ve tried Googling around, but the closest I’ve gotten to a solution is this, and installing the sdl-openglhq AUR package that was mentioned in the post didn’t solve the problem. Does anybody else have a potential solution?

  • sdl-openglhq is installed or installed before on your system or some other AUR package providing SDL ??? solution for you would be install sdl2 from the Repos…

    Blender and OpenMW depending on sdl2 “dying light” is not from AUR or repo, so this may causes the problem?

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  • @joekamprad Installing sdl2 from the official repos fixed the issue, thanks!

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