• Paranoid and Compton on I3 wm

    Hi! i’m not sure if is just with me, bu t i want to report a weird behaviour running paranoid config:
    After adjusting the way i want and closing paranoid everything is 100% transparent (doesn’t matter which config) only appearing the background. That happens even if you are running compton or not.
    Then i need to kill compton and restat it, then it works properly.
    On virtual box there is no bug, this only happen on my real pc.
    I just wanted to report, if someone can test it too just to be sure that would be nice.

    EDIT: running compton -b & also gets a totally transparency
    the proper command for me is compton &

  • Hi,

    You should run either compton & or compton -b but not compton -b &

    By the way, I always use compton -cCfb and works fine here.


  • @karasu interesting, but then paranoid automatically run compton -b &?

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