• USB Live Black Screen

    64 bit Antergos copied to usb using rufus
    Computer is an i5 with a GTX 1050
    When usb is booted and antergos live is selected, the screen shows what Im guessing is the Kernel being loaded but shortly after it becomes a black screen with an underline bar flashing on the top left.

    I’m trying to do a dual boot and I have windows 10 installed.

  • @sudomato

    GTX 1050 +1070 +1080

    can not boot with actual ISO see here:


  • @joekamprad Do I wait till they update the iso?

  • you can wait or try if you cannot wait…🐧

  • @joekamprad Any news if the iso is working for the graphic cards?

  • @joekamprad Im really sorry to bother you again, the iso works fine, however when i set the windows system boot partition as the /boot/efi the cnchi installer can not install boot saying:
    “2017-02-25 16:10:00 [DEBUG] grub2.py(390) install_efi(): Path ‘/install/boot/grub/x86_64-efi/core.efi’ doesn’t exist, when it should”
    and such.
    The windows system had not be formated to be fat32 but was in a windows system partition format.
    I believe my motherboard is running UEFI since I have it selected in the BIOS and its a recent motherboard.

    I have windows 10 installed and am trying to install antergos as dual boot

    Once again Im really sorry to bother you but I would like to ask if you know anything about this.

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