• Suggestion for File Manager

    Hi! I’m looking for a good file manager. The qualities i’m looking for are:

    2 or more panels (easy copy paste between folders)
    option for login as administrator (inside it).

    So far i tested:
    Dolphin: very good, although it has no icons (tested in virtualbox) and has no buttom for open as administrator! My choice so far…

    EmelFM2: very good options, but i didn’t like the way it opened text files. Can be configured but still doesn’t have open as admin. Didn’t like the interface also. Copy automatically with drag and drop.

    Krusader: weird appearence, it needs other dependencies to run as admin. Didn’t work even after config…

    SpaceFM: It automatically move file when draged and drop from 1 panel to the other (i want it to ask for what i want)

    Xfe: Good, although It doens’t have a proper “open with”

    doublecmd Double Commander. Copy automatically with drag and drop. No buttom for admin priviledges. Win 95/98 appearence

    tuxcmd: don’t work with drag and drop files, don’t have an admin option inside

  • what is about: 4Pane

  • Thanks for the tip, i’ testing it right now 👍

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