• Gnome OpenWeather Extension - Refresh Not Working

    Hello Everyone,

    It appears that when I try to click on the refresh button inside the OpenWeather extension (using the Gnome DE), it does not update my weather information with the freshest data. It appears to only do this around the time I log into the system, and that’s it.
    Is this a known bug or is there a fix to get the refresh button to work properly?


  • @a4orce84 you can choose the update interval inside configzration, there are two scales for Now and forecast, forecast is set to 60 minutes by default, Now is on minimum with 10 minutes…

    For me it updates, but only if there is a change in the data…

  • Thanks for the reply. I understand that, but there also appears to be a refresh icon inside the applet window. Clicking on that, I would assume would go and refresh the weather info at that minute…that is what is NOT working. Or is that how it is supposed to be?


  • Update Butten should update when you click… but if there are no different data there is nothing to update…

  • @joekamprad - The timestamp (last update) does not change.

  • yes thats true! but data updates, i put 2 decimal places, so i can see it changes.

  • git version seems to work better but also do not shows the right time stamp for last update…

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