• Font rendering in GTK apps under KDE

    I’ve been a happy user of Antergos for a few months now, using GNOME. But as a human is a curious creature, I wanted to try out a KDE desktop. So I installed it a separate partition. My SDD is divided into 4 partitions:
    1 - Antergos/GNOME
    2 - Antergos/KDE
    3 - /home (shared by Gnome and KDE
    4 - swap

    I’ve polished and tweaked my Gnome system, where font rendering used to be managed by the infinity bundle, but since it has no longer been maintained I took some steps to get rid of it and got a satisfactory font rendering without it.

    About a week ago I installed a new Antergos/KDE system to another partition and I have been struggling with font rendering again. I mean, fonts in QT apps are just fine, but as I use a few GTK apps as well (SW manager in KDE is a GTK app!) the look of the fonts is just horrible.
    alt text
    My /etc/fonts/conf.d lists:

    README                                            37-repl-global-ms.conf
    00kde.conf                                        40-nonlatin.conf
    10-enhanced-defaults.conf                         45-gelasio.conf
    10_fontconfig-enhanced-defaults.gschema.override  45-latin.conf
    10-hinting-medium.conf                            49-sansserif.conf
    10-scale-bitmap-fonts.conf                        50-user.conf
    10-sub-pixel-rgb.conf                             51-local.conf
    11-lcdfilter-default.conf                         57-dejavu-sans.conf
    20-unhint-small-dejavu-sans.conf                  57-dejavu-sans-mono.conf
    20-unhint-small-dejavu-sans-mono.conf             57-dejavu-serif.conf
    20-unhint-small-dejavu-serif.conf                 60-latin.conf
    20-unhint-small-vera.conf                         60-latin-ms.conf
    30-carlito.conf                                   65-fonts-persian.conf
    30-infinality-aliases.conf                        65-nonlatin.conf
    30-metric-aliases.conf                            65-non-latin-ms.conf
    30-metric-aliases-ms.conf                         66-aliases-wine-combi.conf
    30-ttf-liberation-mono.conf                       66-aliases-wine-ms.conf
    30-ttf-liberation-sans.conf                       69-unifont.conf
    30-urw-aliases.conf                               80-delicious.conf
    30-win32-aliases.conf                             90-synthetic.conf
    31-cantarell.conf                                 99pdftoopvp.conf

    which is pretty the same as in my GNOME session. My Xresource file reads:

    Xft.antialias: 1
    Xft.hinting: 1
    Xft.hintstyle: hintslight
    Xft.rgba: rgb
    Xft.lcdfilter: lcddefault
    !Xft.autohint: 0

    Any hints how to improve renderring in GTK apps?

  • @vlad.kuzba Unsure, I’d also expect this to work by default. However, I did tinker with the font settings, so no idea about the original experience. You could try to configure fonts in System Settings → Application Style → GNOME Application style (GTK). If it is any help.

  • All Kde fonts, including Gtk apps but excluding Chromium, are usually rendered beautifully in two simple steps.

    1. Forcing font information cache files rebuild
      fc-cache -fv
      Logout-login after that.

    2 Enabling anti-aliasing and setting it to specific values:

    System settings --> Fonts --> and then

    • Use anti-aliasing: Enabled
      • Sub-pixel rendering type: RGB
      • Hinting style: Slight


  • Thank both of you, guys. Enabling anti-aliasing in System settings solved the issue. I don’t know why, but I supposed once you’ve linked your preferred setting to /etc/fonts/conf.d you are not expected to “touch” the preferences in System settings.

  • That’s good. Just remember, these settings | improvements don’t affect font rendering in Chromium under Kde. They’re controlled in another way.

    Thanks for marking the topic as [Solved].

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