• A Problem Has Been Detected With Your Thumbnail Cache

    Hello everybody
    I’m very tired of putting up with this problem. I have been trying for a long time to fix it without success. And I have looked for a lot of information (Maybe not enough 😕 ), but nothing… All the supposed solutions that I found in the web have not worked for me.
    Nemo continues crashing occasionally; fails and the desktop appears empty, but the most important thing for me is to avoid the annoying message of “A Problem Has Been Detected With Your Thumbnail Cache” every 5 minutes. Curiously I was having the same problem in linuxmint 18, but I really like Cinnamon and I would not want to stop using it.
    Any solution?
    someone knows?
    I’ll pay the beers!
    Thank you anyway

  • @ascam74 Hi friend i don’t use cinnamon nor nemo, but i guess you can simply try to install other file manager like pcmanfm (light file manager), caja (from mate desktop), nautilus (gnome desktop) and see if it will crash…

  • Hi Fernando
    That is precisely what i have done, I’ve been using pcmanfm with satisfying result , but it’s not the solution I’m looking for. By the way, how good is mate? Some usability problem? I’ve never used it and may give it a chance.

  • @ascam74 ok i understand, what packages are installed when you type thumbnail on pamac-manager (add/remove programs)?
    I love MATE because of it’s highly configurable panel, and the “old interface” that reminds me win xp. Then i use caja because comes installed by default. I guess you won’t see many diferences between caja/nautilus/nemo.

  • 0_1487100665318_Captura de pantalla de 2017-02-14 20-29-55.png
    This is what comes out

  • @ascam74 ok, i don’t have tumbler installed here. I guess you can try to uninstall and use nemo again for testing…

  • @fernandomaroto Hmmm. The truth is that cinnamon still has some endemic issues. I guess over time problems will be solved, so I’ll see how to deal with this a bit more until I get tired and change my desktop all at once. Thanks for your efforts!

  • ok, you’re welcome, but i warn you that mate is kinda buggy too… This last update developers fixed a lot of bugs, but you know how it is :)

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