Krita and Pencil2D (I haven’t tried any others yet) recognize the pen pressure from my Wacom tablet just fine, but Blender refuses to acknowledge it. After some trial and error and checking the Arch wiki, I determined that the problem seems to lie with libwacom. When I install x86-input-wacom, Blender is fine.

Unfortunately, the OS is less fine, and proceeds to crash on opening the file manager (both Nautilus in Gnome and Dolphin in KDE). Once x86-input-wacom is uninstalled and no longer interfering with libwacom, the file manager is back to normal, but Blender is back to ignoring pen pressure.

Originally, I had this issue with Gnome. Thinking it must be an issue with Wayland’s insistence on ditching the X windowing system, I switched over to Gnome with Xorg. Still an issue. So, I looked into uninstalling libwacom altogether… unfortunately, libinput depends on it, and a lot of stuff seems to depend on libinput. I took a chance and tried to uninstall it anyway… not a good idea.

So, I tried a fresh Antergos install with KDE this time, thinking that since it’s an artsier sort of desktop environment and the one Krita was originally designed for, it might have this issue dealt with already. No go, same problem.

The package manager Blender has this problem, the standalone version from the site itself has this problem, even building Blender from scratch gives me this problem. Is there any way of running x86-input-wacom concurrently, or of weaning Antergos off libwacom without disastrous results? Or should I just give up and try another distro? I’d rather not, I’m really enjoying antergos otherwise =/