• Authentication error Openbox/Fluxbox etc

    Hi! I’d like to know if there is some package for me to install to run GUI packages with “sudo” in window managers like openbox, otherwise they just display a message “authentication error” “authentication failed”.
    I mean for example, run add/remove program and it ask for the password.
    I know i can run a software through terminal with gksudo, kdesudo, sudo.
    Sorry if i wasn’t clear enough.


  • you have to change the starter inside the


    for example:

    		<item label="Partition Manager">
    			<action name="Execute">
    					gksu gparted

    needs to have gksu installed…

  • @joekamprad ok, but then i must edit the file for each program i want to run as “gksudo”?
    I wanted the system to prompt a window asking the password automatically when authentication is needed…

  • Openbox/Fluxbox are very simple, as you now inside Gnome/KDE e.t.c. this is automatic…

  • @joekamprad Ok, thank you very much for your help and teaching. 👍
    Yes, i guess if someone get to the point of using more “alternatives wm-desktops” it’s because already have enough knowledge to simple create a launcher or do it by terminal. I just think It’s very necessary for pamac to come adjusted from the start for begginers (if possible).
    Thanks again!

  • Should be for openbox you are right…

  • Openbox fram cnchi installed Antergos default:
    Bild Text

  • @joekamprad then there is a way to fixa post installed desktop…
    I’ll mark as unsolved again until i find a solution or someone else give a solution…

  • Ok, i discovered how to fix it:

    1. install polkit-gnome and gnome-keyring
      sudo pacman -S polkit-gnome gnome-keyring
      then run:
      /usr/lib/polkit-gnome/polkit-gnome-authentication-agent-1 & eval $(gnome-keyring-daemon -s --components=pkcs11,secrets,ssh,gpg) &

    I fixed the path from here: openbox config

    You can add to openbox startup or run as script for others wm or add to their respectives startups.

    I’m happy i learned a little more today!

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