• Best Terminal Emulator

    I asked myself what terminal emulator do you use?
    And why? the hell do you say it is the best???

  • @joekamprad
    “GUAKE terminal” very eficient to use pressing F12 to “open and close it”. and with transparency
    "Mate terminal"with some transparency.
    I like simple stuffs, although i look for other terminal emulators from the comunity so i can test them 👍

  • https://gnunn1.github.io/tilix-web/

    Tilix image

    If you need a drop down terminal, the following GNOME Shell extension is useful.


  • terminix 👍
    Bild Text

  • Terminator


  • Terminix from now on!!
    I just installed all terminals in a virtual machine, and terminix has the dropdown option like guake and split screen along with many other stuff. Here is a video sample terminix show
    “Yakueake” terminal is weird to config. “Terminology” terminal is pretty wonderfull but without dropdown option so far.

  • I see NOW that we pack terminix… lmao…

    Well, I still prefer terminator as I like lightweight terminals. I can do all this tilling with keyboard shortcuts as I’m using i3.

    For Gnome (or “mouse” people in general) terminix looks beautiful!

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