• LightDM am/pm time format, should be 24h

    So I’m a recent convert of Ubuntu to Antergos. So far I am loving it and the AUR is a great way to install software! But I am running into a small problem. I have set my locale/formats to ‘Netherlands’ and the language of the machine is English with the US-International keyboard.

    However, when logging in with LightDM the time shown there is in the AM/PM format but when I log in it is the correct (for the Netherlands) 24hrs format. I have tried to find the problem or setting for quite some time but I’m not able to find it. Anyone know why LightDM doesn’t respect the locale setting?

  • in /etc/lightdm/lightdm-webkit2-greeter.conf
    change line
    time_format = LT
    time_format = HH mm

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