• Can't install menu bar (Applications, Places, System)

    I was pretty excited to try out the MATE environment because it’s what I run on my Ubuntu machine. However, it boots into some gawd-awful mint menu monstrosity and only has one panel. I can always install another panel, of course. But I tried to install the menu bar (Applications, Places, System) except it shows up as a white blob on the dark default panel.

    How do I get rid of that mint menu thing and get the standard Gnome 2-style menu to show up in the dark panel? Thanks.

  • I think I figured it out. It doesn’t work with the default theme that loads when you first start MATE after a fresh install. Not only that, but I couldn’t delete the mint menu. I had to wipe out the panel and build another one. But it works, At least for now.

  • Hi!

    I have the same problem. I really don’t understad why Antergos made that decission with Mate. If I would like to have mint, I would install mint. What I want from Mate is the good and old gnome2.

    Is it there any way to remove completely the Antergos’ mate and install the classic one?

    I tried installing Mate-Tweak, but from there I can’t change the theme to Gnome (it doens’t make anything).

    It would be nice to have some solution for it.

  • Antergos Mate offers 4 different menu applets by default:

    • Brisk Menu
    • Main Menu
    • Menu Bar
    • mintMenu

    Choose whichever suits your tastes better. Or do not use a menu at all. Various docks work well.

    The number of panels in Antergos Mate is virtually unlimited. They may be placed anywhere on the screen. They may be attached to or detached from screen edges. They may be disposed horisontally or vertically. Each screen edge may have an unlimited number of panels. All panels are independent one from another. Each one can be freely configured according to personal preferences.

    This is Antergos Mate with 10 different panels. Any applet may be added to any panel.

    Your posts are unclear.

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