• [SOLVED] Black screen in installation

    I have problem to install antergos when i choose “start antergos live” there is loading kernel and than power off for USB components when power back there is still black screen

  • what does it mean “power off for USB components” ?

  • @joekamprad said in Black screen in installation:

    what does it mean “power off for USB components” ?

    All what is connected by USB turn off.

  • then try to use save settings or no ACPI > press F4 on Startscreen
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    If you can > give some info about your Hardware.

  • In both modes is the same problem. After start kernel something load (3 white dots on green screen) and than again black screen but with a flashing dash in upper left corner of the screen. (I will back in about 9 hours cuz I’m going to school)

  • First thing you can try is to put the Video Mode to what your Monitor is about with F3 … if this does not work i will need more info about Hardware.

  • I think now will work in F3 menu I chose second option and in f4 safe settings now antergos work (instalation process).
    Thanks for help.

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