• Language of Gnome interface partly back to english

    Since last update parts of the gnome interface (e.g. context menu of window title bar…) is back to english instead of the set language in system settings (deutsch).

    I also can’t fix that.

  • Hi,

    You have to check your Gnome setup but also your system locale setup.


    With locale -a you will get your active locales.

    But, if it is an update (so it was working before), it could be that some translations are not ready yet, I really don’t know.

    Maybe somebody that uses Gnome3 in Deutsch can confirm or deny this…


  • Welche? Programme denn? dann kann ich schauen…

  • @karasu

    [[email protected] ~]$ locale -a

    Sounds ok to me.

  • @joekamprad
    Hallo Joekamprad,
    die Programme sind alle ok. Auch die Gnome-Oberfläche scheint noch auf Deutsch zu sein. Aber alle Gnome-Menus sind Englisch…(z.B:Quit statt Beenden)

    Im Kalender (Leiste oben mitte) ist das meiste Deutsch Manches auch Misch-Masch (Events…keine Benachrichtigungen). Auch links oben Aktivitäten ist deutsch.

    Wenn ich im Dash links mit der rechten Mausstaste das Kontext-Menü öffen sind erscheinen die meisten Einträge englisch. Gleiches gilt für Kontext-Menüs bei Fenstern in der linken oberen Ecke (minimize…quit …)

    Mir macht das englische nichts aus aber dieses Durcheinander und dass der Rechner Sachen macht ohne meine Kontrolle behagt mir nicht recht.

  • Annotation: If I knew where the language is defined I could investigate myself.

    Gnome Extensions? Arch? Antergos? Gnome itself?
    Maybe I try to generate a different user.

    –> Okay. I tried generating a new user - the problem seems only to be on the former user account. So I could narrow it down to some config files in my home folder. But still…: What is it?

  • I am not sure if this will help you or if it is related to your issue at all, but I experienced pretty odd Gnome behaviour after I installed screenfetch. First, Gnome-Terminal would not open (Guake was no problem) and secondly, I had a language mix like you in the Gnome menus. I’ve been told that this has nothing to do with screenfetch, but everytime I gave screenfetch a new try I had the same issues. Deinstalling and reboot fixed it.

  • @johkra as karasu write this happen sometimes on updates, i have this inside gnome for three times (since shell) and always it goes away after reboot or within next update…

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