• Can't boot because of a Bluetooth error?

    Hi, so when booting i get :

    Bluetooth: hci0 command 0x0c03 tx timeout
    Bluetooth: hci0 sending initial HCI reset command failed (-110)

    Sometimes there are two more similar lines, but for now it get stuck there.

    I was installing openshot when my system crashed and since then i get this. Not sure why it’s suddenly a problem.

    Is there a way i can disable Bluetooth from grub so i can get to my workspace and see what the hell is up? Or does anyone know why this happens/how to fix it?


  • GO here
    It explains how to disable a module so you can boot.
    Remember, Google is your friend for issues like this.,

  • @herbie Hi, first I’m well aware of Google, if i came here and made an account in order to get help, it’s because Google didn’t help.

    I’m not able to blacklist the kernel like your link propose.

    This person has the same problem, but it’s not v helpful since they don’t know how it got fixed…

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