• Flickering/Freezing Mouse Pointer...

    Hi everyone, you the very beautiful people. :)) I have installed Antergos fluently, properly and very joyfullly, but there is one problem : the mouse pointer, after a while, begins to flicker on the screen, and even leaves lots and lots of simultenuous marks on the screen, disappearing in the end. I can still navigate and journey in the OS, but some help from some enlightend being in those matters would be very much appreciated.
    The computer is 4 x Intel Celeron CPU J31 with 6.8 Mo RAM.
    Thank you very much for Antergos OS and for perhaps for some help.

  • @tyberton

    Looks like a delay on refresh screen, do you know which video card is installed in your pc? If you don’t know, open a terminal and input lspci then post the result here, also we will need which desktop environment you using and if you are using Xorg(X11) or Wayland, if you don’t know you can check by inputing in a terminal the command loginctl to display session number then loginctl show-session session_number_here -p Type

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