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    ZFS related packages kernel specific???

    Whomever is maintaining ZFS related packages on AUR is making them to be kernel specific, is there really a need to build them to be kernel specific?

    The ZFS git for v0.6.5.9 alone says its ‘Compatible with 2.6.32 - 4.9 Linux kernels.’

    I’d rather not have to run

    sudo pacman -Syydd linux linux-headers
    sudo pacman -Syu

    and then do the updates to AUR stuff to update the system…

    the dd flag to bypass dependencies checks can be scary

    Not really needing help, more just curious if anyone has a bit more understanding why AUR packager is doing this…

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    You have also those packages in Antergos repository. They should update themselves with each new kernel install (they are using dkms).

    Sadly, sometimes pacman runs zfs hook before running spl hook. This means that zfs is not compiled, so you have to run it manually before rebooting.

    spl and zfs are kernel specific because they are kernel modules.


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