• consistent errors during installations

    i’m trying to unstall Antergos, it always fails and an error number is displayed (starting in 455, like 455726, 455834 etc.)

    so i tried ti follow the “HOW TO: choose your mirrors before installing Antergos” and seemed to notice that “pacman -Syy” would yield errors, because there were no servers found and every command in the post would result in errors, until i added “gedit” to them to get to the files, and then i noticed all the servers were commented, so iuncommented a few dozen and then ran pacman -Syy with success, but the installation failed again, here are the logs of this latest install, error number 455834: http://paste2.org/dHchxjy8
    help would be appreciated.

  • here’s a log from another try, this time without modifiying the servers: http://paste2.org/0cwsDt60

    error number: 456022

  • There’s some problem with the grub2-theme-antergos package (or so it seems). Give us some time to check it out.


  • Hi,
    Is there an ETA?
    sorry to ask but i need to install and don’t want to go through everything twice.

  • If grub2-theme-antergos is a real reason of the problem, and there are other Linuxes installed on the computer, then it is possible to install Antergos without the boot loader. The package will not be installed.

    It is possible to boot from other Linuxes, or add the preferred boot loader to Antergos later.

  • We can’t reproduce this. Nevertheless, if a previous installation was tried, it could be that some packages were left in the drive… that would explain this error.

    Could you please try to clean your drive/partitions before trying again?

  • ו always format every partition except the /boot partition, meaning root, /home and swap. I can’t format the whole drive, since it holds a large data partition.

    I tried at least 5 times since then, not even 1 successful. Tried with both 1.17 and 2.17 ISOs, choosing various combinations of packages an DEs during the installation. What could be the problem?

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