• Dash to Dock Issue

    Hi Guys,

    New antergos user here and just had a few questions regarding the usage of Dash to Dock on Gnome with Arch. I currently have dock set to the bottom of my screen which I am having no issues with apart from when I open the “Show Applications” the icons are very small (http://imgur.com/GLmGLv0). When I have the dock set to the left hand side they are much bigger and look right (http://imgur.com/a/gVIiC).

    Is there anyway I can fix this?


  • There are two dock Gnome Shell extensions:

    They may be mutually exclusive. It may be better to use only one of them.

    Dash to Dock seems to be more advanced and well maintained.

    It could worth a try to remove Simple Dock, if it is installed.

    With Dash to Dock apparently there are no issues with icon sizes. EvoPop is the icon theme in use:

    Antergos 17.1 Gnome EvoPop icon theme

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