• Suggestion: Add Shutter to repository

    Hi, i’d like to suggest to the devs. to add Shutter to the Antergos repos, since it’s usefull to take prints from bugs and it takes too long to install.
    I ended up with shutter installed on Antergos and lightshot (the best program i know) installed through playonlinux 👍
    Anyway it’s just a suggestion.

  • Hi,

    I’m afraid it won’t happen. Shutter has many aur dependencies, and all are old packages:


    Maintaining such packages is not easy, and it looks to me that gtk2 and libgnome dependencies makes this software feel old, if you know what I mean.

    This is only my opinion, of course, maybe other devs have another one.


  • @karasu ok, i can use lightshot anyway, which is simplier than shutter. hehehe

  • Actually, with the new pearl update shutter is broken.

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