• Pamac vs. Pacman and Blocking KDE from updating


    This is a list of questions I’ve been facing this week and maybe you know the answers to it.

    1. Two days ago, I read a post in this forum about someone who wanted to uninstall transmission-qt under KDE. I was in the same position. It gets installed when you install the antergos-kde-setup package. The solution was to remove the latter first and then the former. I just did that minutes ago in the terminal. Previously, I had always used the graphical Pamac interface and if you try to uninstall antergos-kde-setup it wants to remove all the packages it once had installed despite the dependencies being listed as optional. My question is why there is this difference between the terminal and the GUI. Does Pamac use a different command under the hood than pacman -R?

    2. So, KDE 5.9 is available. Some people complain it breaks things and wouldn’t recommend updating yet. Until this changes I would like to keep the rest of the system updated. How do I block a whole DE with all its packages from updating? I know there’s a command for single packages and the same option is in Pamac, but is there a way to cover KDE as a whole without researching all its packages and typing them in manually?


  • Hi

    1. View pamac configuration , maybe activated “option dependencies” , .
      The partial update isn’t supported , but you can use a little “trick” open /etc/pacman.conf , find “IgnorePkg or IgnoreGroup” and put this pkgs or groups, but remember , the dependencies maybe change…you risk.

    2.- I upgrade and no problems .


  • @Archrysler

    1. yes, the remove unneeded dependencies option is ticked. I suppose that’s the reason. :)
    2. I see.
      I’ll mark this topic as solved then. Thank you.
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