As many of you know this is an alternate version of “Pandora”. This program was installed using the Software GUI but requires a command line install. I have two DE’s. KD Plasma and GNOME on two separate computers. In both cases the Alsa player cannot be found when running the program. I get this message:

Select station: 27
|> Station “Passenger Radio” (2355540462496049261)
(i) Receiving new playlist… Ok.
|> “The Wrong Direction” by “Passenger” on “All The Little Lights (Explicit)”
ao_alsa ERROR: Unable to open ALSA device ‘default’ for playback => Invalid argument
/!\ Cannot open audio device.

I have attempted to change directory to Home and even farther up the directory path to see if this makes a difference. As a Newbie to this I am unclear what might be the remedy beyond this. Can you literally set me upon the correct pathway? Thanks in advance.

Bob G.