How do I diagnose this flickering line I have? It is located at the very top, like the first pixel of the monitor, over to the right. It’s above the Gnome title bar. It’s 1 pixel high, and about 50% of the screen wide. I was thinking it was possibly some system activity monitor, but the more I think about it, the more I think not – it’s not very useful.

I tried recording the screen, but it’s not in the recording so is it the graphics card driver (Radeon Cedar)?

The line flashes based on activity; if I move the mouse, it flickers quickly, if I type on the keyboard, it flickers roughly every 2-3 key strokes. If I do nothing and observe, it slowly flashes just about every 2 seconds, or sometimes not at all until I move the mouse or keyboard again.

If I reboot or logout, it goes away and then just spontaneously shows up again at some point after logging back in. Sometimes soon (minutes), sometimes not for hours
I’ve attached my logs, any help is appreciated! Thanks!

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EDIT: ok, I can’t figure out how to attach the logs …

[0_1486142663680_logs-2017-03-02_11-56-14.tar.gz](Uploading 100%)