• Love Antergos but HATE installing

    Why is it installation is never easy or trouble free? I have been using Antergos as my main o/s for around 2 yrs & it is rock solid stable but each time I install it is a lottery as what will not work.

    This time I wanted to reinstall on my laptop but whether I use DVD iso or flashdrive iso it will not go past ‘getting package list’. Just sits doing nothing. I have tried the ‘choose mirrors before installing’ and same result.

    Any ideas anyone?

  • Could it be that you’re affected by this one?


  • i just reinstalled the system here and it worked fine…
    Let’s hope was some momentarily problem.

  • Yup, getting the Capcha so that’s the problem. Not good Antergos 👎

  • @pegasusearl posted recently about Apricity which pricked my curiosity as I had never heard of it. Given that I cant install Antergos on my laptop I thought it would be the perfect time to check it out.

    1st off, installation was fast & without any issues at all. Looks much like Antergos except using Dash to Dock. I will do the needed update & give it a test but looks good so far.

    Antergos will remain my main os as it is already installed but I may look to dual boot if Apricity checks out.

  • Hi.
    I’m just curious but why would you feel that you need to reinstall or install again each time?
    What was wrong with the first install that you had which was working?

  • @modisc well a variety of reasons. Different computers. New drive etc. This time was my laptop which I dont use much. I had Antergos on it but decided to install Windows to use for playing games I had which wont work on Linux. That was a nightmare which served to remind me why I hate Windows so much. So I went to do a fresh install of Antergos and … 😒

    So far Apricity is no different to Antergos. Same Kernel & Gnome versions, so bang up to date, just dealt with the install quick & painless is all.

  • Hi @Uzi
    Ya, I was just asking for curiosity’s sake.
    It seem that from @karasu’s link that the issue may be resolved?

  • Yes, the issue has been solved.


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