• USB Adapter TP-Link don't show Wi-Fi networks

    Hi guys,
    I purchased this adapter TL-WN723N a few days ago but I’m not able to connect any Wi-Fi network.

    Aparently is working but it doesn’t show Wi-Fi list:
    alt text

    By the way, I’ve already installed 8188eu-dkms driver from aur:

    [[email protected] ~]$ lsusb
    Bus 001 Device 005: ID 0bda:8179 Realtek Semiconductor Corp. RTL8188EUS 802.11n Wireless Network Adapter
    [[email protected] ~]$ uname -r

    As you can see it appears as down:

    [[email protected] ~]$ ip link list dev enp0s20f0u11
    4: enp0s20f0u11: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST> mtu 1500 qdisc mq state DOWN mode DORMANT group default qlen 1000

    And it doesn’t show any Wi-Fi:

    [[email protected] ~]$ sudo iwlist enp0s20f0u11 scan
    enp0s20f0u11  No scan results

    Currently I’m using usb tethering from my android device 😩 .

    Could you help me please?

  • ip link set enp0s20f0u11 up
    dmesg | grep firmware

    will show you if the firmware is loaded…

  • [[email protected] ~]$ dmesg | grep firmware
    [    9.531367] [drm] GuC firmware load skipped

    @joekamprad What does it mean?

  • this is for GPU not your Wifi…
    Is your module loaded?

    sudo modprobe 8188eu
  • may you can pastebin the output of


    and post the link?

  • @joekamprad it shows empty

  • lsmod | grep 8188eu

    needs to show some like that:

    % lsmod | grep 8188eu                     :(
    r8188eu               409600  0
    cfg80211              516096  3 mac80211,r8188eu,rtlwifi
    usbcore               208896  11 usbhid,usb_storage,ehci_hcd,uhci_hcd,rtl_usb,r8188eu,btusb,uas,rtl8192cu,rtl8xxxu,ehci_pci
  • But i think you do not need 8188eu-dkms try uninstalling and reboot…

  • @joekamprad After turn off Wireless Option from Network Preferences I was able to use command wifi-menu and connect successfully.
    alt text
    By now It’s only way to connecting.

  • This post is deleted!
  • @edconocerte where is the network preferences?

  • @halen old old and already SOLVED…


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