• Hibernate on Low Battery


    I am trying to get hibernate to work correctly. I read the following wiki here:

    But neither of those utilities running in terminal give me anything on my XPS 13. Is there something I can do so it auto-hibernates itself when it reaches 1-2% of battery life?


  • Anyone with any ideas?

  • Im still mostly a newby, but from the wiki you linked to, what is the output of “udevadm monitor --property” and “/sys/class/power_supply/BAT0/alarm”?

    Also, can you run “/usr/bin/systemctl hibernate” from your terminal?

  • Hey Wnnd,

    Thanks for the reply! I ran the following in my terminal: /usr/bin/systemctl hibernate

    So, the computer appeared to hibernate correctly. However, when I hit the power button to power everything up and resume, my state was NOT saved. Basically, it was like I did a shut-down, and power-up from scratch…it appears hibernate is not working.


  • @a4orce84 Make sure you have resume in your kernel boot options with a proper device (eg. swap). You also need a resume in HOOKS which is installed by default.

    I had a message like “no device for hiberation found” until I added a proper resume option.

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