• switch to GDM, after logout not possible to login

    Hi, only to let you know:
    After many problems with Lightdm, i switched to GDM and like the simplicity more.
    The only weird thing is, since GDM, when logout from one user it isn’t possible to login in either users anymore. To login again, in one of the users, i have to reboot.

    Boot with second screen connected freezes on two black screens.
    Boot without second screen connected works but after connecting second screen, this one stays black. This on both Gnome and openBox.

    But this i have to investigate deeper on this and the Arch forums.

  • @bartatantergos said

    since GDM, when logout from one user it isn’t possible to login in either users anymore

    As far as I remember when using it, GDM runs TWO proccesses. One is permanently run (uneccesserily in my opinion) to be used to switch users. So, give CTRL+ALT+F2 a try (F2 was in my case, try another if it doesn t work) and let us know.

  • @anarch No


    gives a black screen, and i have to reboot.

    I have to check that on the web, but is it possible to simplify Lightdm?
    Then i go back to Lightdm and try to make it more like GDM.

  • @bartatantergos, sorry I cannot test it. I no longer use GDM and don t want to install it since I have moved to KDE (have you tried with other F keys? Maybe F1? I remember it was at the begging of F keys).

  • @anarch I know old post, but tried all f keys and after many different key combinations, i give it up, after logout not possible to login again or in other user. After reboot it’s possible to login once. Meantime found strange things with openbox, but that’s a new post.

  • I guess that if you can login one time, then login and change you display manager to see if that’s really the problem…

  • @fernandomaroto With lightdm that problem wasn’t there, but i found gdm lighter then lightdm.

  • i use sddm, it’s very light and never experienced a bug… If you want to give it a try i guess you won’t be disapointed.

  • @fernandomaroto Ok, will check that out. Whas already searching for another display manager at: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/X_display_manager_(program_type) This has to be simple a login screen with:

    • all user login (direct username plus password field)

    • desktop switch

    • battery

    • and maybe date and time

    I put this post as solved, without that the gdm error/bug is solved.
    So if somebody knows a fix then let it know, because i like gdm.

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