• Startup Applications - How to Auto Start Script (Xscreensaver)

    Hello Everyone,

    As the subject states, I’m new to Antergos (Arch) and trying to identify a way to auto kick off xscreensaver when I log into my system. I’ve done some reaching on the xscreensaver wiki, link here:


    To keep having the screensaver functionality work, I need to log in, and kick off xscreensaver command via the command line.

    What is the easiest way I can have the xscreensaver script automatically start when I log into my system? I have done some looking at startup applications settings, but I don’t see a ‘custom’ or an option to run a script.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!


  • .config/autostart/

    is the place for desktop files that will autostart APPLICATIONS/SKRIPT
    But it depending on your DM WM e.t.c. for gnome you can install:

    yaourt -S gnome-session-properties
  • @joekamprad

    Thanks sir! Then do I just copy the /usr/bin/xscreensaver to the .config/autostart directory?

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