• New Dash to Panel Gnome SHell extension

    Since starting to use Gnome Shell several years ago I’ve always used the Dash to Dock extension to improve usability on Gnome Shell.
    Yesterday I discovered a new Gnome Shell extension on the Webupd8 website called Dash to Panel which seems promising as a permanent replacement for Dash to Dock. Basically, it places the Dash into the Gnome Shell top bar and provides plenty of options to customise it.
    Thought I’d post details for others to be aware of it. Further details are here:

    and here:

    Please note the recommendations on the extensions.gnome.org web page for Top Bar and Windows settings in Gnome Tweak Tool to provide the application menu for native gnome apps within the application’s window.

  • @Xler8
    You can download and compile ( install) it from github…“must have” shell extension )

  • @SpoliatoR @Xler8 I agree guys, this extension is a welcome addition and this is how I installed it, as well as another extension to make it transparent and customise it.

    It will change your view of Gnome, for good!

    Dash To Panel

    git clone --depth 1 https://github.com/jderose9/dash-to-panel.git
    cd dash-to-panel
    make install

    Dynamic Panel Transparency - For transparency and customisations;
    Clone the desired branch with git…

    git clone https://github.com/rockon999/dynamic-panel-transparency.git

    Move the ‘[email protected]’ folder to ~/.local/share/gnome-shell/extensions/

    I also suggest TopIcons plus from the Gnome Extensions page, thus giving you the option to move all your start up Icons into the the Dash to Panel

    Reboot and use tweak tool.

    All the best - Steve

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