• Problems with Deepin DE

    Hello, this is my very first post here, so I hope I posted in the right section and the sorts!

    So, my problem is, I tried installing Deepin on my Antergos GNOME install.
    It installs just fine, but when I login, it takes forever to be able to do anything… the dock is completely frozen, CTL+ALT+T does not open a terminal, it just seems very laggy and the bg is just a plain black image. Enabling lighdm-deepin-greeter or not does not make things any different.

    I seem to have installed all dependencies as well.

    Is this a known issue? Or am I forgetting something?

    I really want to use Deepin… thanks in advance!

  • @SpoliatoR Thank you! A clean reinstall seems to have done the trick for now… will report if something goes wrong again. 👍

  • @shelby–san How to do a clean reinstall? I just couldn’t find the /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf, so I can’t start dde correctly.

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