• gstreamer0.10 problems

    Hell, I can’t upgrade that gstreamer0.10 stuff cause I get a " an error occured in prepare" during the upgrade of gstreamer0.10 from aur, I can’t even remove it. Any detailled instructions i how to proceed to get rid of that 0.10 stuff?
    Most annoyed

  • None of these did the job?

  • @Jeannie____ Take a look at this thread.

  • The issue has been discussed in this post and is already solved.

  • oh! a triple…

  • Nothing is solved. I neither can upgrade gstreamer0.10 nor can i remove it.
    Maximally annoyed

  • Which command did you use to uninstall?

  • i see on irc… you have problem with uninstalling a lot of packages…
    Maybe it is save to simple ignore the deps and when you uninstall gstreamer0.10 stuff, and install gst stuff then…

    yaourt -Rd --nodeps -Rd --nodeps gstreamer0.10... e.t.c.et.c..t

    This pastebin shows your complete problem ?

    try this then:

    yaourt -R gstreamer0.10 gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg gstreamer0.10-bad gstreamer0.10-bad-plugins gstreamer0.10-base gstreamer0.10-base-plugins gstreamer0.10-good  gstreamer0.10-good-plugins gstreamer0.10-ugly gstreamer0.10-ugly-plugins
    yaourt -S gstreamer gst-libav gst-plugins-bad gst-plugins-base gst-plugins-base-libs gst-plugins-good gst-plugins-ugly gstreamer-vaapi

    Your Pastebin shows only wxgtk2.8 as a problem for me… wich has:
    makedepends=(‘gstreamer0.10-base-plugins’ ‘gconf’ ‘glu’)
    Needs to be rebuild with ‘gst-plugins-base’

  • So, a yaourt -Rcnsu solved it more or less. I have some applications that have no sound anymore now.

  • How to replace old GStreamer0.10 by new GStreamer?

    1. Remove everything old:
      yaourt -Rcnsu gstreamer0.10 gstreamer0.10-bad gstreamer0.10-bad-plugins gstreamer0.10-base gstreamer0.10-base-plugins gstreamer0.10-ffmpeg gstreamer0.10-good gstreamer0.10-good-plugins gstreamer0.10-mm gstreamer0.10-python gstreamer0.10-ugly gstreamer0.10-ugly-plugins
    2. (Re)install everything new:
      sudo pacman -Syu ffmpegthumbnailer gst-libav gst-plugins-bad gst-plugins-base gst-plugins-good gst-plugins-ugly gstreamer-vaapi


    What are the apps without sound?

  • Thank you just, I fixed it with your commands.

  • @ase11 Glad to hear that, thank you.

    With old GStreamer0.10 the Videos application, installed by default in most Gtk DEs, was almost useless here. It didn’t reproduce 90% of my videos. Most of remaining 10% were muted, reproduced without a sound.

    With new GStreamer 1.10 the Videos app reproduces all videos, all with the sound. It’s nice.

  • @just
    The -Rcnsu actualy solved it. Almost 30 packages were removed. I am having two viewers for virtual worlds that have problems now, both are mute. But as these are aur packages, I think this here is no place to ask for support for this problem.

  • there are a lot packages wich are not updated with this gstreamer change… they need to update the PKGBUILDS…

  • Most probably, it’s because you’ve removed gstreamer0.10 with the simple yaourt -R … command. I.e., you didn’t remove:

    • pkgs that depend on explicitely removed pkgs
    • unnecessary configuration files
    • unnecessary dependencies
    • unneeded pkgs

    Instead, yaourt -Rcnsu … removes all that stuff. That’s why the number of removed pkgs amounts up to 25-30.

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