• Cant format micro sd Card during install

    For some reason it wont format the sd card.

    2017-01-27 19:55:41 [INFO] advanced.py(2322) finalize_changes(): Saved changes to disk
    2017-01-27 19:55:41 [INFO] advanced.py(2295) run_format(): Creating new ext4 filesystem in /dev/mmcblk0p1
    2017-01-27 19:55:41 [ERROR] fs_module.py(262) create_fs(): Error running ['mkfs.ext4', '-F', '-q', '-m', '1', '-O', 'dir_index', '/dev/mmcblk0p1']: b''
    2017-01-27 19:55:41 [ERROR] advanced.py(2304) run_format(): Couldn't format partition '/dev/mmcblk0p1' with label '' as 'ext4': Command '['mkfs.ext4', '-F', '-q', '-m', '1', '-O', 'dir_index', '/dev/mmcblk0p1']' returned non-zero exit status 1
  • Can you run fdisk -l and blkidand post the results here, please?

  • as far as i know, sd-cards are not handled like hd… and extra some sd-cards are working under linux and others not, the same with some usb-drives…

    But i remember on testing to install system on sd-card that there are needed some modules [sdhci sdhci-pci]?

  • @joekamprad
    May be mmc_core & mmc_block

  • @SpoliatoR said in Cant format micro sd Card during install:

    May be mmc_core & mmc_block


    But i think it is abad idea to have ext4 on a flash-card… because of to many writes for journaling e.t.c.

  • @joekamprad
    And what ?

  • I am not an expert on such hardware specifications ;)

    But i would use a non-journaling filesystem…

  • For disabling the journaling on Ext4 FS use the command:

    mkfs.ext4 -O “^has_journal” /dev/xxx

    That is a CAPITAL letter o, not a zero in the command

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