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    Hello, on my pc I have Antergos with KDE and Gnome installation on 2 different partitions (before you say it, yes I’m crazy about Antergos 🌝).
    I have just one sound card, a hdmi monitor with the usual integrated two little poor speakers for everyday use, while the RCA exit of the sound card is connected to a stereo amplifier with 2 high fidelity speakers, that I use to listen to music.
    On Gnome there is an extension where I can easily switch between the hdmi and analogic stereo exits, just right clicking on the volume icon of the panel.
    On KDE I found nothing similar, everytime I need to open volume audio configuration, open the volume audio tab and there choose the audio profile. Very boring.
    My question is: is there a workaround so that on KDE I can easily switch the audio profiles like it happens in Gnome?
    Thank you for helping.

  • If you can accept to use VLC as an audioplayer, it allows to to switch audio output device with extreme ease:

    Audio --> Audio Device >

    VLC finds all devices, including such a “difficult” ones like Bluetooth speakers.

  • @just thank you for helping.
    The thing is that VLC sees only the analogic stereo exit if it’s settled in the audio configuration or only the hdmi exit when that is settled instead.
    In fact I don’t know why it’s like that.

  • I solved my issue.
    I write it here since it could be useful for someone else in the future.
    Here https://askubuntu.com/questions/41858/shortcut-to-switch-between-analog-stereo-output-hdmi-audio-output/64977 I found a geek that created a script for easily switch between the audio exits. Read answer n. 6.
    Then you choose a keyboard shortcut (or link to the file of the script) and voila all works great!

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