• Cannot create download package list (metalinks).

    getting this error while trying to install. try without playforlinux?

    edit: installing without playforlinux works.

  • I confirm that. Cnchi can’t download steam-native-runtime package.

    2017-01-27 08:38:24 [INFO] slides.py(268) manage_events_from_cb_queue(): Creating the list of packages to download...
    2017-01-27 08:38:41 [ERROR] metalink.py(131) create(): Can't resolve these dependencies: js17 
    2017-01-27 08:38:41 [ERROR] download.py(145) create_metalinks_list(): Error creating metalink for package steam-native-runtime. Installation will stop
    2017-01-27 08:38:41 [ERROR] download.py(177) create_metalinks_list(): Can't create download set. An exception of type InstallError occured. Arguments:
    ('Error creating metalink for package steam-native-runtime. Installation will stop',)
  • i get this also without choosing steam…
    What can i do? need to install an my doughters new computer today, she want to play minetest ;)
    i can start too installing if i choose only properitary driver and extra fonts, cups, AUR
    deselect chromium

    [updates once a week] = [90% less problems]
    how to add system logs
    i3 GNOME

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