Hello everyone! After a while of using Antergos I thought it’s about time to get active in the community.
However, there are still things I don’t know how to do (the arch way I guess) and would appreciate your help :)

My system is a T410 without nforce, Antergos linux with xfce and compton. Most everything works, but I’d like to personalise the
keyboard shortcuts more, I use an external dvorak keyboard while the T410 has an belgium azerty.

I have the xfce4 layout switcher plugin, but sadly this doesn’t really work, probably because the amount of keys differ, while
the external keyboard is plugged in and its on azerty mode I get different letters from the build-in keyboard. Furthermore the
external one has extra mediabuttons, I know how to configure them to output console commands, but how do I make them eg
change the song deadbeef is playing?

And is it possible to switch between both external and buildin keyboard mode with such a command? that would be neat.
Lastly I miss the miniature view from kde’s hotcorner, is there a way to implement this with a command?

With these “issues” resolved, I’d have the perfect os, please let me hear your thoughts