• A problem that any antergos user will have

    A problem that any antergos user will have after using this distribution !
    It will be very hard to use another distro !

  • Not ‘hard’ to use but unlikely would ‘want’ to use another distro.

  • how many antergos users existing?

  • @Uzi Yes for sure !
    I was happy using several distros from ubuntu to debian but now everything seems way too inconvenient !
    The Aur repository is extremely convinient !
    I mean who wants to have 25-30 repositories added ? and after 6 months needs to reinstall to the newer version
    or removing all the repos and do a distro upgrade and its very possible to have some problems or even broke his
    packaging system ???
    On debian when i miss an application i must go and find the .deb file if exists somewhere and if the dependencies are ok
    and there is no conflicts etc maybe i will be able to run the app , if i choose to add an ubuntu repository on debian
    i risk to break entirely the operating system ! No new kernel versions (except on testing/unstable) etc
    On Fedora it highly possible to experience the rpm hell even if its 2017 !! On Korora you can break your system from the first 10 minutes or just after you installed the operating system !! (it has happened to me)
    -Deepin linux seems to be nice and stylish but it has SERIOUS problems with its repositories ! and the compositor they use is somewhat slower and you have less performance on 3d games or hd videos … its very possible.
    Slackware was nice on 1999 etc etc

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