• How to install preserving a previus /home partition

    Hi!! I have Ubuntu installed with the partition /home in the /sda3. If when I install Antergos I select my existing /home partition to be the /home of Antergos will erase my data? Is thereany way I can use the same /home for both distributions?

  • I have my /home saved in a separate partition. I have reinstalled Antergos while saving the /home partition. When you get to the step about disk partitioning during the install make sure to choose manual partitioning. You will need to choose a root partition with a mount point of / that will need formatting. You will most likely have a swap file already. You can take your current home and make that the new home.

  • Thanks. I have install it without any problems : )

  • Yes! if you choose manual partition you can use your “old” /home without formatting it … But i think it is not a good idea to use the same /home/“user” caus config files would not be seperatet then with different Distros…

    Also if you create a user while installation it wound let you choose the same users home Folder… i think it will create a new user with its own Folder.

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