• Need help creating a PKGBUILD for Brother MFC-J285DW drivers [SOLVED]

    Hello and thanks for stopping by!
    I used to have Arch Linux installed on my laptop and recently (about 2 months ago) changed to Antergos. I’ve read the “Packaging Brother printer drivers”, “PKGBUILD” and “Creating packages” articles on the arch wiki in order to create a pkgbuild for my printer, the problem is that I find all those articles not to be helpful at all and I still have no Idea on how to create the pkgbuild. It has become annoying to have to switch to windows every time I need to print something. Arch linux forums look scary and unhelpful as even the posting rules, pretty much say, “don’t dare to request anything, do it yourself!” and much less now that I am using Antergos. So, hoping this is a friendly community, I would like to ask for help, it can be pointing me into the right direction, like a good article about how to create a pkgbuild for brother printer drivers, a pkgbuild file with “kinder garden” language level, that explains how to build the file, someone willing to leave an explanation, or in the best case scenario, someone who builds it in order to share it with us (poor mortals 😜 ).

    Hope to get help with it and THANKS A LOT guys! (in advance)

  • I was going through the same issue with my Brother MFC-5440cn printer. It turned out someone mention on this forum to install Debian’s dpkg, a2ps and psutils. Then download the Brother install script file, on their site, run it and it will install & setup the drivers for you, including the scanner drivers. At least it worked for me.


  • @ghostdawg
    Thanks for answering! 😁
    I am gonna try that and come back to post if it worked or not (hope it works for me too).
    Thanks ghostdawg! 👍

  • @ghostdawg
    It worked just fine, now I can print. I haven’t checked the scanner function (guess it will work too) but I am happy it works now.
    THANKS ghostdawg! you have helped me a lot today.


  • Marking the topic as [Solved].

  • @Dante_Igashu I’m glad it worked. It was the first time I tried doing it this way also. I will try it again with a different distro that is not deb/rpm format and see if it works.

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