• Blackscreen after Installation - Mouse in corner, Lightdm


    I did a installation of Antergos. At the installation from the live cd I (again) had the problem that my cursor was stucked in the upper left corner. As I have had this bug earlier, but I remembered the solution. At the startup of the live cd I changed the Kernel Mode to “No ACPI”.
    Therefore I would install Antergos and use the mouse at the installation.

    After the installation and everything worked (I have done this today for 4 times…) I wanted to start Antergos, however my mouse cursor is stucked in the upper left corner and then I get a full blackscreen (no TTY).

    However with “quiet 3” inside Grub I managed to get TTY-access and I could startx and lightdm in test/debug mode, but my mouse cursor is still stucked. I tried the famous invisible mouse cursor uxa fix of the antergos wiki, but after creating the conf-file and rebooting I can’t start lightdm anymore and startx gives me an X11 error “(EE) no screens found (EE)” (which I will upload in a minute).

    I also found out that chinchi isn’t installing/ offering to install Nvidia-drivers. At one of my many installation tried I found out that the nvidia drivers weren’t installed, but installing them didn’t really use anything.



    I onced tried installing and enabling GDM but it didn’t worked either. But maybe I installed in wrong. (Installing through pacman, enabling and rebooting).
    Hope you guys can help.

  • @got-it-man I fixed it following this guide: http://unix.stackexchange.com/questions/207895/how-do-i-install-antergos-with-a-gtx-970
    Which basically means:

    pacman -Syy nvidia nvidia-utils nvidia-libgl
    pacman -Rccn xf86-video-nouveau

    To get into the text mode I edited inside the Grub the Antergos Parameteres.
    I just added a “3” after quiet.
    Looks like to Cnchi installer doesn’t bring the nvidia driver anymore which makes booting from a new GPU like Nvidia GTX 1080 impossible. Lightdm looks like to be fixed.

  • Thanks for sharing, @got-it-man 👍

  • @anarch No problem ;) Glad if I can help :)

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